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Having clean air to breath at home is very important for the well-being of you and your family. At Universal Refrigeration we offer commercial refrigerator services that will take care of any problem you may be experiencing with your system. As the company providing the best air conditioning repair service in Rosenburg, TX and all surrounding areas, we have always been able to satisfy the needs of our clients. We are a licensed and insured company. Our specialists are ready to take on any repair service in a timely and efficient manner.

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I had trouble with my AC, as it would not blow cool air, no matter how low the temperature was set. It turned out that the thermostat was broken, but the technician that came located the problem immediately. Thanks for the great service.

Refrigerator ServiceOur prices are competitive, and guarantee to fit your budget. If you come home from work one day, and find out that your HVAC system isn’t working properly, call us right away. We offer an emergency air conditioning repair service for anyone in need. If you are a senior citizen, or have military experience, we will provide you with a discount. Our main focus is to be professional, and help our fellow residents with our exceptional commercial refrigerator service. The technicians on our team are equipped with all the right tools to handle every situation.

Besides working with residential clients, we also offer commercial refrigeration services. If you are a business owner, be sure to contact our specialists in Rosenburg, TX, and they will provide you with effective repair services for your HVAC system. If maintained properly, it can work efficiently over a longer period of time. Providing frequent maintenance will also save you money, since the system will be operating more efficiently. We can help you with any type of refrigeration repairs including filter change, and periodical maintenance. Universal Refrigeration is sure to have your system back to a working state in no time.

man repair air-conditionerIf you need any repair for your refrigeration system, be sure to give us a call. We can help you maintain your system, and keep it in good shape. Our professional experts are equipped with the right tools to fix any refrigeration problem you may come across. We can make sure that you keep your business running, without having to shut down until the issues have been resolved. We guarantee to provide you with immaculate repair services that will exceed your expectations. Call us today and find out how we can be of your help.

Our company specializes in ice machine repair services. They can either be part of refrigerator’s freezer, or a separate machine that makes ice. Portable units that can fit on counter tops, are convenient and easy to use. Our experts will provide effective ice machine services. They are knowledgeable and skilled professionals that have dealt with many situations in the past. They know how to handle any unit, and will do so in detail and with precision. Our company guarantees the satisfaction of every customer.

If you are located anywhere in Rosenburg, TX or any of the surrounding areas, be sure to contact the commercial refrigeration specialists from Universal Refrigeration at (281) 516-8403.